PROGRAM FOR THE FESTIVAL 2017: Tuesday 14.2. 6 pm Toivon tuolla puolen - The Other Side of Hope (Finland, 2016) Wednesday 15.2. 18 pm Nordic film of the month: Heartstone (Iceland, 2016) 8.30 pm Vakava Leikki - Den allvarsamma leken (Sweden, 2016) Thursday 16.2. 18 Efterskalv - The Here After (Sweden/Poland/France,2015) 8.30 pm The Neon Demon (Denmark, 2016) Friday 17.2. 10 am Musamaatio 4 pm Arctic Superstar (Norway, 2016) 6 pm Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution (Greenland/Denmark/Norway, 2015) 8,30 pm Aerobics – A Love Story (Sweden, 2014) Saturday 18.2. 2 pm Underdog/ Svenskjävel (Norway/Sweden, 2014) 5 pm Äpärä - Bastard (Finland, 2016) 9 pm Abba the Movie Sing -along -screening (Australia/Sweden, 1977) Sunday 19.2. 11.30 am BRUNCHSCREENING: The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli MäkiHymyilevä mies (Finland, 2016) 3 pm Kaisa’s Enchanting Forest - Kuun metsän Kaisa (Finland, 2016) 6 pm Kesäkapina (Finland, 1970)   MOVIE DESCRIPTIONS   The Other Side of Hope Toivon tuolla puolen 2017 | 98 min. | 35 mm Director: Aki Kaurismäki | Finland Language: Finnish, English, Arabic Subtitle: English toivontuollapuolen2_photo_by_malla_hukkanen___sputnik_oy (1) The Other Side of Hope, the 18th feature film by Aki Kaurismäki, tells a story of a Finnish travelling salesman (Sakari Kuosmanen) and a Syrian refugee (Sherwan Haji) crossing paths. Shot in early autumn Helsinki, The Other Side of Hope is the second instalment in Kaurismäki’s trilogy focusing on port cities, which began with Le Havre. The film features also actors Janne Hyytiäinen, Kati Outinen, Ilkka Koivula, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon, Tommi Korpela and Tuomari Nurmio among others. Finnish, English and Arabic are the spoken languages, the subtitles are in English. Arktisen Upeeta-festival is proud to present the original 35 mm version of the film.   Kon-Tiki (Norway, 2012) Directors: Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg 118 min. | K12 | DCP Language: Norwegian Subtitle: Finnish 100813_Kon-Tiki_still_Kon-Tiki-Foto104_dan-swe-nor-fin_print A young Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl secured a place in the history books when making the famous Kon-Tiki trip over the Pacific Ocean.  Heyerdahl is supposed to figure out his own theory, according to which the Polynesian was populated by people who traveled from South America to the West and not by people who traveled to the East from Asia - as was previously thought. The film is based on the book of this explorers adventures. Kon-Tiki is the directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg movie. The film has been nominated for an Oscar for the best film in the category of best foreign film.   Hjartasteinn Heartstone 2016 | 129 min.|K12 | DCP Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson | Iceland Language: Icelandic Subtitle: English HEARTSTONE_04_┬®SF_Studios_Production_&_Join_Motion_Pictures_Photo_Roxana Reiss.jpg A remote fishing village in Iceland. Two teenage boys, Thor and Christian, experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl - while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it's time to leave the playground and face adulthood. Director Gudmundur Arnar Gudmunsson’s short films, Whale Valley (2013) among others, have been nominated and awarded many times. Heartstone is his debut long feature film.   Den allvarsamma leken Vakava leikki 2016 | 115 min. | K12 | DCP Director: Pernilla August | Sweden Language: Swedish Subtitle: Finnish vakava_leikki_2 The newspaper editor, Arvid (Sverrir Gudnason) and the daughter of the well-respected painter, Lydia (Karin Franz Körlof) meet when they are both young, single and in desire of pure and untainted love. The attraction between the two young people is immediate, however, under the circumstances they agree to part and leave their love unfulfilled. Ten years later, when they meet again, despite their marriage to other partners, they cannot resist each other – and their bittersweet love story is about to affect everybody involved. Famous for her long career as an actress, Swedish Pernilla August made her directorial debut with Beyond (Svinalängorna, 2010), which was awarded the Nordic Council’s film prize 2011. ‘A Serious Game’ is her second feature film as director – and it is based on Hjalmar Söderberg’s novel classic from 1912.   Aerobics – A Love Story 2014 | 74 min.| K12 | DCP Director: Anders Rune | Sweden Language: Swedish Subtitle: Finnish maria janne aerobics 2 Aerobics - A Love Story is a film about yearning for normal life, love and partnership. Maria is young, mentally challenged, and therefore she lives with her sister Helen, who is very controlling and overprotective. However, she can't stop Maria from falling in love with Janne, who she meets secretly online. This is what Maria has been yearning for so long. But compared to ordinary young, the environment, the suburban Stockholm and its people respond to this disabled couple in a different way. Music video and commercial director Anders Rune’s awarded debut feature film is intimate and genuine – and it avoids stereotypes in approaching the sensitive subject.   Efterskalv The Here After 2015 | 101 min. | K12 | DCP Director: Magnus von Horn | Poland, France, Sweden Language: Swedish Subtitle: English TheHereAfter_4_Photo_Lukasz_Zal Efterskalv (The Here After) is a psychological drama about guilt that is difficult to leave behind. After serving his time in prison, John (Ulrik Munther) returns home to his father in small Swedish village. He is looking forward to starting his life afresh, but in the small village community, his crime is neither forgotten nor forgiven. Feeling abandoned by his former friends and the people he loves, John loses hope and the same aggressions that previously sent him to prison start building up again. Unable to leave the past behind, he decides to confront it. Magnus von Horn’s feature debut had its premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2015. Back home in Sweden, Efterskalv was awarded several prizes, including three Guldbaggen awards for Best Film, Director and Supporting Actor. Efterskalv is a collaboration screening with Love & Anarchy Film Festival Tour.   The Neon Demon 2016 | 118 min. | K16 | DCP Direktor: Nicolas Winding Refn | Denmark Language: English Tekstitys: Finnish 13Credits_Gunther_Campine_The_Neon_Demon Jesse is a promising young model who meets more experienced Ruby during a photoshoot. She’s about to find out that besides of all the parties and casting sessions, the modelling world can be very superficial and cruel. The competition for jobs is tough and when the only goal is to be perfect, all means are permitted. The Neon Demon is a tragic film about how being perfect and good at something can turn completely against one. The film shows the modelling world as rude and static place where you constantly need to weigh your own moral values to succeed. Film’s dreamlike and slow paced narrative is accompanied by hypnotic electronic music. Nicolas Winding Refn’s (Bronson, Drive) latest film has raised many opinions since its premiere last June. Young and talented Elle Fanning (Super 8, Maleficent) makes one of her best performances so far. She is supported by SAG-winner and Primetime Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Keanu Reeves (Matrix, Speed).   Árktalaš Supernásti Arctic Superstar 2016 | 70 min. | K7 | DCP Director: Simen Braathen | Norway Language: Norwegian, Sami Subtitle: English _H9A8100 The status of the Sámi culture has always been controversial in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. The Sámi-people and their rights are constantly being trampled. Arctic Superstar introduces an artist who talks about these subjects and his own life through his music. The rapper SlinCraze (Nils Rune Utsi) makes music in Sámi language, however he wants to perform for the big audiences. Arctic Superstar is the debut film of the director Simen Braathen. He has worked in the advertising industry before and now he gives a fresh new angle on the subject of the Sámi culture and its status in our society.   Sumé – Mumisitsinerup Nipaa Sumé – The Sound of a Revolution 2015 | 73 min. | K12 | DCP Director: Inuk Silis Høegh | Greenland, Denmark, Norway Language: Greenlandic, Englihs, Danish Subtitle: English DEMO_1973_01_FOTO_JORGEN_BOVIN Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution is a documentary about an ideological rock band pursuing international success. A group of Greenlandic students met in Denmark in 1972 and decided to form a rock band. The group had a political message against e.g. Danish colonialism. During the short active career the band released three albums and reached a cult-like status in Danish and Greenlandic rock scene. Greenland gained its autonomic status in 1979, Sumé-band, however, never reached the international success. The documentary is based on interviews and archive footage material along with the scenes of the stunning Greenland nature.   Svenskjävel Underdog 2014 | 97 min. | K12 | Bluray Director: Ronnie Sandahl | Norway, Sweden Language: Norwegian, Swedish Subtitle: English cc925465 Svenskjävel (Underdog) is a tender and raw story of privilege and longing – it is also a story about relations and balance between the employer and the employee, a man and a woman, a father and a daughter, the Swedish and the Norwegian. The main character, 23-year- old Dino (Bianca Kronlöf), dreams of a different, better life. In search of more worthwhile existence, she moves to Oslo. During a few sultry summer weeks she finds herself stuck in loop of temporary jobs, financial trouble and hard partying. She ends up in the centre of an odd love triangle, affection and dominance. Director Ronnie Sandahl’s debut feature film, as well as Bianca Kronlöf in the leading role has been nominated and awarded on a bunch of international film festivals. Bianca was chosen as the young Sweden Finn in 2013.   Bastard Äpärä 2016 | 97 min.| K12 | DCP Director: Samppa Batal | Finland Language: Finnish Subtitle: – Apara_Krista_ja_Eppu Jonna and Simo are a happy couple. Their world is shaken by the news from Jonna’s father, who reveals that the two might be siblings. Jonna’s brother Jori also has problems of his own with his life. Jonna’s mom reacts very poorly to the news as she finds out that her husband might have a bastard son. This tangle affects to the whole family as everyone tries to find a way out to a better life. Bastard is a shocking piece of film from the beginning to the end. It challenges the audience both visually and mentally which Finnish films rarely do. The film also shows how little we really know bout our loved ones, even if we’d known them for years. The directing debut of Samppa Batal doesn’t let the audience get off lightly with its challenging topic. The cast is built with starting young actors and actresses such as Eppu Pastinen, Krista Hannula, Anna Böhm and Anssi Niemi. They’re supported by more experienced Satu Silvo (Pekko- movies, Lumikuningatar) and Jonathan Hutchings (Rare Exports).   Abba the Movie 1977 | 97 min. | S | 35 mm Director: Lasse Hallström | Australia, Sweden Language: English, Swedish Subtitle: – ABBA_TheMovie_amarayhigres ABBA the Movie - Lasse Hallström’s concert film has gained a sort of cult-like status among the fans. The film mixes fact and fiction. The thin plot of the clumsy reporter trying to reach ABBA-stars to an interview is only a vehicle to link together the authentic concert footage and to present the hysteria among Australian ABBA-fans. However, the main core is definitely the huge ABBA-catalogue of smash hits: SOS, Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, The Name of the Game… Members of the Ruamjai-choir will be encouraging the audience to sing along to the ABBA classics. ABBA the Movie is a collaboration screening with Kampus Kino.   The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki Hymyilevä mies 2016 | 93 min. | K7 | DCP Director: Juho Kuosmanen | Finland Language: Finnish Subtitle: – HymyilevaMies_Still8_PhotoBy_KuokkasenKuvaamo_ElokuvayhtioAamu2016 The boxer Olli Mäki (Jarkko Lahti) is facing the chance of his life: soon there will be the first huge professional boxing event at Helsinki Olympia Stadium – and he will be fighting to be the world champion in featherweight class. Olli’s manager, Elis Ask (Eero Milonoff) is working hard to make the event also financially a great success. Everything is up to Olli. But Olli has got a problem: in the middle of the tough exercising period he realizes he’s deeply in love with Raija (Oona Airola). Based on true story, The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki is warm and heartfelt story about happiness and values – and about succeeding in failure. Juho Kuosmanen’s debut feature film is black and white – and shot in 16 mm film it captures the spirit of the 60’s. The film had its world premiere in Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 – and it was awarded the Un Certain Regard Prize.   Kaisa’s Enchanting Forest Kuun metsän Kaisa 2016 | 81 min. | K7 | DCP Director: Katja Gauriloff |Finland Language: Sami, France, Finnish Subtitle: Finnish kef_still_3 Kuun metsän Kaisa, Kaisa's Enchanted Forest, is a poetic study, a document film based in the old archive footage material. It is a story about legendary Skolt Sámi storyteller Kaisa Gauriloff (director Katja Gauriloff’s great-grandmother) - and her friendship with the Swiss-Russian writer Robert Crottet. Set in the interface between the truth and the fiction, Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest brings together the old legends of the Skolt Sámi people and their destinies shaped by the Second World War. Though set in the past, the film and its themes are still remarkably current in the present day. The film also includes a remarkable animated episode, which introduces the legends and the tradition of Skolt Sámi people for the first time in a fantasy-fiction style.   Kesäkapina 1970 | 82 min. | K12 | 35 mm Director: Jaakko Pakkasvirta | Finland Language: Finnish Tekstitys: Kesäkapina1970a   Kesäkapina had its premiere in 1970. It is a fine sample of Finnish New Wave Cinema at the time.he movie deals with the universal themes of alienation, frustration, failures and our desperate attempts to reach the unreachable. Above all, Kesäkapina describes the conflict between capitalist consuming culture and pure humanity. Jukka Pakkasvirta’s second solo directorial work has got a montage-like structure. It is a semi- documentary film representing ordinary people as themselves (e.g. well known photographers, the head of Hirvensalmi municipality) along with the actors in role. Interesting popular culture detail is the film soundtrack, which includes compositions by Jim Pembroke along with performances by the legendary Finnish progressive rock band Wigwam.